Industry Solutions
Our platforms offer all-round communication and experiential marketing and networking opportunities to industry stakeholders, enabling business engagement and growth.

HLF is a bi-annual breakfast gathering of leading medical practitioners and allied leaders in insurance, finance and technology services et al that is guided by a industry advisory board. The expert panel will discuss decision-making challenges across health and social care and explore how leaders can use collective experience to bolster efficiencies.

The Kenya Health Open is the regions' leading charitable golf event. The tournament brings together leaders in the sector to support medical initiatives, causes, communities in distress and healthcare campaigns. It is also the ideal venue for high level networking and product showcase opportunities.

Over the past 27 years, the Kenya Medical Directory has been the go-to reference point for information and data within the sector. With the advent of technology, digital tools such as web portal and now the Health Mkononi App have been incorporated to compliment the publication. KMD continues to serve the sector as a leader in information dissemination.

Our tailored marketing services assist companies in the industry achieve set objectives through tested strategies. These include product placement, B2B and D2C engagements, content & influencer marketing, consumer and market mapping, branding, e-newsletter, sales incentive programmes among others.